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In this day and age of DIY, there are so many creative and interesting crafts and home projects that anyone can learn to do, that in the past, one had to call a specialist and pay a hefty price for. Now you can replace a faucet, install flooring, or even build a car, all with the know-how of a click of a button. Or…sometimes not. While there are plenty of projects and cool crafty things that can be completed yourself through the use of a search engine, there are many that should still be relied upon by the experts. In spite of what you think you could be saving, there are some very good reasons you are paying them. A short list: experience, investment, and liability. These will of course be focused on the subject of stone fabrication but can be applied across many other industries.


MMG has been in the business of stone crafting since 1894. That is over 125 years of stone know-how. That isn’t even to say that we know everything, because the industry is continually evolving, and MMG evolves along with it. That continued experience translates into something you cannot glean from a 5-minute video; something that is of great worth to you and your project, as it can help save you money in the long-term, through avoiding costly mistakes that can come from DIY projects. We’ve dedicated ourselves to developing what works, understanding what doesn’t, what to look for, what to think about, and how to tackle tricky situations, in which there are many in the home remodeling/building business. By investing in our experience and expertise you are able to take advantage of that vast treasure trove of knowledge.

From the seemingly more simplistic machines of the late 1800s to the impressive hi-tech models of today, MMG has, over the course of its years, invested heavily in the equipment that turns beautiful stone and quartz slabs into beautiful counter tops, fireplace surrounds, wall cladding, etc. Millions of dollars go into constantly upgrading and maintaining the machines and technology that template, cut, polish, and shape the various products; as well as, safely transport and install your finished goods. MMG also invests fervently in the people who operate these machines and equipment, through professional training and continuing education; combined with over a century of traditional stone experience passed from generation to generation. These are investments that come back on themselves with the belief that the more you know, the better you perform, and the more valuable an asset you are to the company, its customers, and yourself. Investing in your remodeling project by taking full advantage of all that MMG has to offer means a worry free experience, from the meticulousness of our templating and engineering carried through to our technique and care at install.


By investing in MMG to handle your countertop project from start to finish, you are putting the responsibility onto our expert shoulders. From field template to install and beyond, we ensure that your counter tops fit, make it to your home in one piece, and the finished results are beautiful and satisfactory. If there happen to be any hiccups along the way, you can relax knowing it’s all in good hands. It’s peace of mind. Remodeling projects are stressful enough. Going the DIY route requires you as the consumer to not only provide all pertinent data, such as finished sizes, plumbing details, etc., but also puts full responsibility on you whether or not the end product works as intended. The last thing you want is to have to purchase a vanity top twice because of avoidable mistake.




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