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A question that comes up fairly often is: It’s all rock from the ground so aren’t all (granites) the same?

Well, I’m glad you asked. The fact is, not all stones are created equal. Keeping in mind that all individual stone classifications are created under different conditions in different parts of the earth, and their specific qualities are defined unto themselves, as a general rule there are 3 quality classifications for fabricated stone:

1st quality cuts: Just as the name suggests, this is where you get the very best, and consists of about 20% of a block. Typically, these are the slabs that are the cleanest and most consistent to their namesake; that contain no open fissures or inclusions, or for lack of a better word, defects to avoid. These will be the strongest in fabrication with little chance of veins opening up or needing repairs. Aesthetically, these are easiest for color matching at seams, as the slabs are more balanced in color and movement. These are the most desirable, and so, are the most expensive.

2nd quality cuts: These are considered standard quality and consist of about 30% of a block. Slabs may include some resin fill due to minor occlusions or small fissures near the edges of a slab, and may have inclusions or inconsistencies in color and movement. Though some avoidance due to stability may be necessary in fabrication, most of what makes a slab standard quality is aesthetics, as there may be areas on a slab that a consumer finds unattractive and may wish to avoid.

3rd quality cuts: These are the lowest quality, most economically priced slabs, consisting of about 50% of a block. Often described as commercial quality, these are not recommended for retail residential but most popular in the commercial world where a tight bottom line and less critical eye comes into play. They may be resin filled due to open fissures, cracks, and occlusions, and will have many unusual inclusions and inconsistencies in color and movement, often making it more difficult to color match when seaming. These slabs are best recommended for projects where seaming is not necessary and pieces can be cut around the most undesirable parts.

Individually, all slabs should always be thoroughly inspected for stability and soundness. MMG carefully selects only the best stones from reputable dealers to ensure high quality product and peace of mind.

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