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STAIN-PROOF Sealing Products

STAIN-PROOF is the world leader in production of sealers for porous surfaces, including stone, tile, paving, concrete and grout. The chemistry of STAIN-PROOF's impregnating sealers is unique, giving superior penetration and permanence, for unsurpassed protection.

  • invisible - maintains the look and slip resistance of your surface; protect it from staining, water and salt damage, freeze-thaw damage and graffiti.
  • ultra breathable - allows moisture to evaporate, instead of gathering inside the material.
  • suitable - indoors and outdoors, residential and commercial environments, kitchens, bathrooms and entertaining areas.
  • make cleaning easier - no special cleaners required; stands up to household cleaning chemicals and even commercial cleaning techniques, such as high pressure hosing.

When added to STAIN-PROOF® SMC Peroxide Cleaner, STAIN-PROOF SMC Peroxide Additive, previously SMC Boost, will further provide:

  • Extra cleaning power
  • Extra lifting power
  • Extra stain removing power
  • Extra labor savings

Milwaukee Marble & Granite is an authorized dealer for DryTreat. We offer many different products from grout cleaner to restoration kits. Not only should your surfaces look great when they are first installed, but they should remain the same quality throughout.

Stain Proof

STAIN-PROOF® Premium Impregnating Sealer

Formerly known as STAIN-PROOF Original™, is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that provides premium long term protection for natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete, brick and grout from water and oil based stains and damage caused by water and dissolved salts. Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean and keep looking good for longer.

Dense Stone Impregnating Sealer

STAIN-PROOF® Dense Stone Impregnating Sealer

Formerly known as STAIN-PROOF Plus™, is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that protects natural stone countertops from damage caused by water, salts and oil-based stains. Treated countertop surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer. Dense Stone Impregnating Sealer provides lasting protection for natural stone that comes with a 25 year warranty*.

Color Enhancing Sealer

STAIN-PROOF® Color Enhancing Sealer

Formerly known as INTENSIFIA™, is the ultimate combination of enhancer and sealer. Natural stone, masonry and other hard porous materials will have deep, long lasting color enrichment and premium water and oil-based stain protection.

paver enhancing sealer

STAIN-PROOF® Paver Enhancing Sealer

Offers both rich color enhancement and water and liquid protection through a patented combination of silicone technology. The result is a long-lasting, penetrating oil and water repellent that deepens and enriches the natural color of concrete pavers, cement tiles, terrazzo floors and cement surfaces. STAIN-PROOF® Waterborne Dense Stone Sealer, formerly known as META CRÈME™, is the next generation of sealing technology, the ultimate breathable impregnating sealer for protecting natural stone, tiles, masonry, pavers, concrete and grout. It represents world best practice in sealing.

40sk consolidator & water repellent

STAIN-PROOF® 40SK Consolidator & Water Repellent

Formerly known as DRY-TREAT 40SK™, is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that protects porous tile, natural stone, brick, terracotta, paving and grout from damage caused by water and salts, plus helps to consolidate friable surfaces. Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean, maintain and keep looking good for longer. 40SK Consolidator & Water Repellent provides lasting protection for engineering concrete, terracotta tile, cast stone, paving, sandstone, limestone, brick and grout.

premium watermorne impregnating sealer

STAIN-PROOF® Waterbased Penetrating Sealer

Formerly known as Stain-Repella™, is a penetrating, invisible and breathable water-based sealer which protects porous surfaces against stains to keep surfaces looking great.

porcelain & quartz sealer

STAIN-PROOF® Porcelain & Quartz Sealer

Formerly known as PORCELAIN PLUS™, is a premium, impregnating sealer specifically designed for porcelain and quartz surfaces. Porcelain & Quartz Sealer features nano size sealing molecules that will seal the micro pores in polished porcelains and quartz surfaces. This new technology has been developed specifically for surfaces with low absorption rates in an easy to use, non-film forming sealer.

premium waterborne impregnating sealer

STAIN-PROOF® Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer

Formerly known as STAIN-PROOF WATERBORNE™, is a premium water-based sealing technology designed to seal a range of stone and masonry surfaces, including granite, travertine, limestone and marble. Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer protects against staining from oils and other contaminants and provides long-lasting water repellency. Treated surfaces retain breathability, existing color and finish - surfaces are also easier to clean. For indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use.

alkaline cleaner

STAIN-PROOF® Alkaline Cleaner

Formerly known as Oxy-Klenza™, is a powerful triple action, oxygen, alkaline and detergent boosted heavy duty cleaner for removal of general grime and stains caused by oil / grease, mold, leaf marks, food and beverages. Suitable for all natural stone, tile, masonry, concrete, brick, grout, vinyl and raw /unfinished wood.

Daily Floor Cleaner

STAIN-PROOF® Daily Floor Cleaner

Is a powerful, natural active enzyme cleaner concentrate for both heavy duty and light duty (regular) cleaning of all natural stones, tile, grout, brick and other hard surfaces. Daily Floor Cleaner contains 3 different enzymes for removing general grime and stains caused by grease / oils, mold, food and beverages.

SMC peroxide cleaner

STAIN-PROOF® SMC Peroxide Cleaner

Formerly known as S-TECH STONE & MASONRY CLEANER™, is a unique, ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide based cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning stubborn organic stains and deeply embedded dirt in porous stone and masonry.

daily countertop cleaner

STAIN-PROOF® Daily Countertop Cleaner

Is a gentle daily cleaner for natural and engineered stone countertops. It contains an invisible sealer to enhance protection and make surfaces easier to clean.

acidic cleaner

STAIN-PROOF® Acidic Cleaner

Formerly known as EFF-ERAYZA™, is a new technology acid cleaner for removing efflorescence, rust stains, limescale, grout haze, mortar mess and fireplace soot. Acidic Cleaner is very powerful and generally more effective to use than traditional industrial acids but does not produce noxious fumes, non-corrosive to metals (except for uncoated aluminium) and temporary contact does not burn skin.

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